Dire Necro Cerberus I

by Dire Necro Cerberus

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Mass.Murderer89 This album's just a fucking blast from start to finish!! ADORE
Christopher Ancarrow
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Christopher Ancarrow Brutal fast metal with great vocal sound, keep it up. Favorite track: Final Universal Cataclysmic Kaos.
Brett MacIntosh
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Brett MacIntosh I have been waiting a couple years and boy was the wait worth it! A Completely perfect Brutal Tech Death album. As a musician this album makes me want to give up playing and inspires me to better my playing all at once. The rerecorded tracks sound great and I like the larger vocal range use on this album. Favorite track: Final Universal Cataclysmic Kaos.
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released June 6, 2015



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Dire Necro Cerberus Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Cerberus
Inspire me my dire lord
Show me the way through this cold world
Talk through me to this damn crowd
Teach'em the faith your mighty majesty

Let me unleash your rage
Make them feel your fury

Born from the flames ov eternity
Bloodthirsty fiend, beginning ov the end
Knows no mercy or forgiveness at all
Dominates the place where all hopes fall

Eager to victims, fiery eyes
Anxiously waiting a soul to die
Symbol ov hatred, elected to control
The harmful gates ov my lord
Track Name: Vomit The Violence
Nowhere feels like home
Just don't belong to nothing
Paranoia possess me
Inject the venom
Bitches are tearing me apart
Revenge and apathy
And all I feel is wrath
And now it's time

It's time
To vomit the violence

No reward to deserving
Burn the parasite tentacles of society

Destroy this place
Destroy your brain
Destroy the bitch
Destroy your faith

Now it's time
To vomit the violence
Track Name: Evocation
The ancient cult of the guardian of Hell
Requires three souls to cast the spell
Oh my hideous Lord from the depths of the world
Absorb theese ones, rise and reign on us all

Domine, ianitor inferis
Resurge, Cerbere impera
De profundis clamavi ad te Cerbere

Tear the flesh, of the sacrificial victim
Immolated for the Lord
Drain the corpses, feed three dogs with the remains
The Cerberus is rising

Here I resurge
From the gates of Hell
To conquer all

I will devour your corpses and send your souls
Protinus ad inferos

Dire Necro Cerberus regnat
Track Name: Extinction Theory
Humanity sins of pride
Blind faith in eternity
Masses of nascient people
Crying out loud their blasphemy

Extinction theory

Ash to ash
Dust to dust
Extinction theory

Cruelty of mankind nature
Outrageous self destruction
Optimistic manipulation
Natural order will revenge

Regret evolution
Regret your damnation
You miss the solution
Death and shame on you

Ash to ash
Dust to dust
Extinction theory
Ash to ash
Dust to dust
Condemned to extinction
Track Name: The Only Possible Future
Damnation of human being
Is over population
Chemical addiction
Leads to captivity
The only solution
Is clonation
The only possible future
Is the brave new world

Embrionic replications
Bokanovskij's process
Fetal selection
To create workclasses
Ipnopedic process
Manipulating minds
Peace forever
The only possible future
Is the brave new world

Mass coercion
Disintegrates human perception
Towards a godless existence
No moral issues
Offuscated judgement
By the perfect drug
Is the root of disease
Soul mortification

Come into this oblivion
Of consciousness
Come into this oblivion
Of soul
Track Name: Birth Of The Nayants
The weakness of human nature
We'd got rid of it
Through genetic enhancement
Bionic features
To create the perfect being
Fearless and wrathful

Create a new race of super-humans
In body and mind
We are dauntless and wrathful
None should stand on our path
Suppression of feelings
In order to tear this world apart
Get the weak, get them all, kill 'em all
Uberman! Exterminate!

No more waiting for the humans to evolve
We are the last needful step of evolution
No more pathetic feelings, we are perfect!
We rule this fucking world,
We are gonna rule this whole Universe!

We'll drain this land
'til there's no resource left
And then we set sail
Let's drain this whole fucking Universe!

This was the birth
Of the Nayants
Track Name: Hold The Acanthos Down
Prepair to invade
Hold the Acanthos down

Hold back the plague of
this infecting swarm
Kill the fucking Queen
It must never spawn
It must never spawn again

Many times we fought
But they have crush'd our entire army down
Enormous voracious bugs
Eating each other to satisfy their hunger
Feasting on the Earth

Spitting acid, injecting venom
Crushing, bones slashing the flesh
Beware,their minions
Beware their fucking hives

Drop those fucking nukes

Feel them moving under your feet
From the depths they will rise again

Hold the Acanthos down
Die defending the outpost
Hold the Acanthos down
No matter what's gonna cost
Track Name: Armageddon Is My Name
Reborn from the ashes
Like the phoenix
In a world of lies
Now I'm here
To issue the ruling
Come to judge you for your sins

Wrath and chaos
Will destroy your soul
Pain will kill you
Mighty hands of justice
Now I pray
And death embraces you

Inferno has awaken
The nightmare of your faults
I am the ruthless black sword
Armageddon Is My Name

Come with me and die

Burning with hate
Rejected by fate
Raped by your sins
In a black abyss

Inferno has awaken
The nightmare of your faults
I am the ruthless black sword
Armageddon Is My Name
Track Name: Final Universal Cataclysmic Kaos
Darkness descending to this rotten world
Consuming any vital impulse to annihilate all

Fuck the earth and fuck all mankind
Fuck your death and fuck your life
Fuck you motherfucking hypocrytes
Fuck you motherfucking shits
Fuck your ethic fuck morality
Fuck this shitty fucked reality

Prepair yourselves to die
In this motherfuckin'
Final universal cataclysmic kaos

Despise their pray
Collide these two spheres
To bring the vortex of doom
On everything
You have to pay
You have to vanish
You'll no longer be nor ever be again

Time has come there's no refuge
There has never been a fucking escape

All shall end in void
Track Name: Incubus
Now begins your nightmare
Your fears becoming true
Panic rules your moves.. fool
You can't escape
Your mind is your jail
Your imagination wants to kill you

Incubus destroys your mind
Incubus destroys your fucking life

Run the floor is crashing
Try not to get through
Is your mind that's playing tricks
In a world that you can't rule

Your breath is getting faster shorter
And the panic is the reason
Your mind is fighting Hell
While your body sleeps well

This dream seems too real
For you to disappear
Shadows are getting over
And your mind is falling down
Is fucking falling down

Incubus destroys your mind
Incubus destroys your fucking life
Incubus destroys your mind in the eternal shadow
Incubus destroys your fucking life in the eternal pain
In the eternal pain
Track Name: Rap(e)tus
I can't do without
Picturing her naked flesh
Enchaining subdoing
Her unfulfilled will

Defiling her purity
With this compulsive sickness
To achieve my psychotic pleasure

Calm within to reach inexistent balance
Frantic lust to forsake the human shape

I feel the storm
That grows inside my rotten skin
My hands that pierce
Her weak neck while I rape her innocence

Smashing her soul
Through this eternal carnal feast
Track Name: Tribute To The Heartskeeper
It approaches those who are full of gloom and darkness
It drags you into solitude and sickness
It will keep your heart as an hostage
Pay it back with the tunes of carnage

Heartless creature in this grim world
You're condamned to abandon
Seein' you drownin' in your anger
You are starved of protection
To the heartskeeper you shall pay your tribute
Or through madness you'll become a fuckin' brute

Descend into the abyss of inexistence
Through the spectral void of the soul
Crawl into lust to complete yourself
Seems the way to avoid this inner storm

Pay your fuckin'
Tribute to the heartskeeper

Don't fool yourself
It will come back
For the heartskeeper
There is no rest
Track Name: My Divine Damnation
Music is the way god talks to human mind
It yells into my ears its screams of despair
Rage and pain, I'm chosen to sing for thee
Its wrathful anger and remorse indeed

My damnation is the price to pay
To talk with thee
My dire lord relieves
My fucking pain

My divine damnation
Track Name: The Undead Speech
Who's awakening me
From my eternal rest
Forgotten by the most
Even thought i'm the best

We have evocated you
Our putrid sire
We are your disciples
In this dark age
We have found the way to express
What's visceral
Humans feel god in their fucking guts

My disciple you have my permission
You can't talk with god unless you suffer
Intestins are twistin' until they bleed